Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book or Movie?

I think that The Giver by Lois Lowry is a very well written, and detailed book. Although, I do think The Giver movie is just a little more interesting. I like the movie better than the book because first of all, there are scenes added to it, second of all, there is more connection to it, and third of all, it is a lot easier to think and see all of the things going on.
As I stated above, one reason that I like the movie better is because there are scenes added to it, for example, the part when Jonas and Fiona slide down the side of the dome on trays, which Jonas does to let Fiona experience part of her training. I think that this scene added to the story because it shows one reason that the Chief Elder, later on in the book, is disappointed in Jonas for sharing his training with his fellow students, and it also shows how eager Jonas is to not just tell, but show people he knows what he is learning about the past.
Another reason that I stated above was that the movie makes it so that you are able to connect a lot more with it. For example, in movies, you can actually see what people are talking about, different from how they do it in the book. There are many parts in the book where you can really connect, like when they show pictures and clips of the world today with different races, religions, colors, beliefs and many other diverse concepts that take place in our world today. I am glad that they show these parts because in the book, you just read that Jonas is learning a lot of things about the world that was here before he was.
The last reason that I listed was that it is a lot easier to perceive and see what is actually going on. For example, in the book, the Chief Elder is just the person who created sameness and the person who rules all of the communities, but in the book, she is also kind of evil in a way because she sends Asher to find Jonas and lose him. I like how the Chief Elder seems like she is more of an evil person in the movie because it adds more emotions to the watchers which most people like, and it also causes people watching to be more engaged with the movie.
Again, I really, really like The Giver book because of Lois Lowry’s writing style, and what she adds to make the reader feel more engaged, but i like the movie a lot better because of the actors, what the directors decided to add in, and take out, how it is full of more connections, and how much easier it is to see what is going on. I hope these reasons will cross your mind in the future, and for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, will convince you to go see the movie.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Benefits of Interpreting

In one of the paragraphs that I read about the benefits of interpreting english to sign language for the deaf  on learningpath.org, I learned that the amount of education you already have will grow massively, it will promote more job opportunities, easier access to certification to gain more knowledge and stamina for marketability, and great for yourself to know that you are equipping essential information for the deaf. More things that I learned in other parts of the  source about the cons of being an interpreter is that while translating, you may get stressed out because of the need to translate complex and detailed language, many communities are self-employed, meaning that the amount of pay might vary, and it requires quick decision making.    

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


In this post, I am also summarizing a paragraph that I read about becoming s sign language interpreter and all of the requirements, but, unlike the previous one, I will be reading the paragraph from the website rid.org. 

One of the paragraphs that I read was mainly informing that in order to become an american sign language interpreter, you need to meet the requirements of having extensive training, and taking lots of your time to practice and improve. Another thing that this paragraph explains is that you need to get prepared for the expectations and requirements that you will be needing during your training and working. One thing that I have learned over my time of researching this topic is that american sign language interpreters are very important to have, and to continue to keep, because the many deaf and hard of hearing people in our world deserve to receive the same amount of  attention that all hearing people get, and that it is important to not leave one person out on a conversation, or comment just because they don't have the same skills of hearing that lots of people have. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sign Language Interpreter

I now realize that I should have written about my topic that I will be writing about on my informative essay on Monday, so now, instead of blogging about cocoa all week, I will blog about how to become a sign language interpreter, similar to what I will be informing about in my essay on Monday.    

In one of the paragraphs that I read on the website nad.org, it mainly said that in order to become a professional interpreter for the deaf, you are required to be educated with sign language training for K-12 and higher, and that when translating from one language to the other, you must convey the message accurately, which is a deep skill that will take a while to develop. Another thing that this paragraph was talking about was that the many deaf and hard of hearing people in this world deserve an interpreter that translates the english language to ASL precisely and accurately, so that they can understand just as much a the hearing people around them. I really hope that I can find more information on this topic as I research more during this week on different websites and sources. 

Monday, November 28, 2016


In this post, along with the following posts of this week, I decided to summarize one paragraph that I read about cocoa beans, on the website worldcocoafoundation.org. Each night I will be researching the same topic on a different source than I have used before.

One of the paragraphs that I read mainly says that the Latin name for "cocoa" is "Theobroma" which in english, translates to "the food of the gods", and that the Mayans back then, used cocoa beans as a beverage, used at marriage ceremonies, and often times, they used them to obviously make chocolate, and to bring romance. Although I found a little information about cocoa beans on this website, I hope that I find lots more cool facts about this topic on other websites and sources.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Medieval Life and Times

In this post, I am summarizing what I learned about the Medieval Times on the website medieval-life-and-times.info. 

One of the paragraphs that I read was mainly saying that most people spent there time harvesting, and planting vegetables. Another thing that the paragraph was saying was that whenever there was a social activity in town, every citizen who lived near by, was expected to attend. At each social activity/festival, there were acrobats performing in the streets, merchants selling goods, and people hosting games and tournaments. Although I only researched the topic of life in the Middle Ages, I am still very interested in researching other topics like arts, entertainment, food, religion, and others. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Bumble

In this post I am summarizing one of the paragraphs that I read about bumble bees on the website www.bumblebee.org.

This paragraph was mainly saying that black and yellow bumble bees are a hairy, lazy, and large insect, that stand with the ladybirds and butterflies, being mainly the only insect everyone likes. Another thing that this paragraph stated was that energy is what helps the insects fly, and when they go on a trip, they carry nectar, which they get from flowers, to help them get through the foraging trip. Although I only read about the bumble bees, I am still interested in learning more about other types of bees as well.